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Is Tameka Foster Raymond Planting Stories??? Usher Separation Confirmed

UPDATE: It’s official according to the Associated Press, papers have been filed today, Friday June 12th.

ATLANTA – Court records show singer Usher has filed for divorce from Tameka Foster Raymond after less than two years of marriage. The 30-year-old Grammy-winning artist, whose real name is Usher Raymond IV, filed the petition Friday in Superior Court in Atlanta. The court record did not give any details about the split between the R&B star and his wife, who were married in August 2007.

UPDATE: In Touch Weekly has confirmed divorce/separation rumors, click here to read. Papers have not yet been filed.

Y’all remember I posted this story, about Tameka hiring a publicist for her pernding divorce, that I received from “SouthernMrs”.  Don’t ask why, but today I was searching on twitter for my name and I typed in “Ms Grapevine”, instead of “MrsGrapevine”.

To my surprise Tameka Foster was having a conversation with SouthernMrs, and my name was in the conversation. Weird, considering SouthernMrs was the person to give me the tip about Tameka. The conversation took place two weeks ago, which is even more suspicious because I received the tip two weeks ago. Don’t believe me checkout the screencaps below:


This is probably a direct message gone wrong, because some information is missing, but I just find it odd, and why do they say, “Ahhh, you and Ms Grapevine should get together.”

All I’m saying, this is quite suspcious, and not cool. Tameka Foster has some explaining to do.

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