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Diddy & Jay Z’s Fight Night Celebration

Unless you were under a rock for the past week, just about everyone prepared to watch one of the most anticipated fights of the year, Ricky Hatton vs. Manny Pacquiao.

Unfortunately for those expecting a really good fight, Hatton was knocked out with in the first 5 minutes! Damn, what a shame.

Well, at least Diddy and Jay Z had a ball. The two Hip-Hop moguls partied the night away with friends and fellow celebs.  Diddy’s rumored girlfriend, Cassie was seen among the crowd. But, who was that blonde grinding on Jay?! In case you’re wondering? It isn’t Beyonce. In his defense, however, paparazzi sources say the blonde was “grinding all over Jay-Z” even though he didn’t pay her much mind.

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