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Daniel Hauser Is Dying Of A Treatable Cancer, Please Help Find Daniel

Daniel Hauser is a 13 year old boy in Minnesota diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. With chemotherapy and radiation he has a 90% chance of survival, with his mom’s alternative treatment he has a 2% chance of living, if that. The mom refused treatment, but the courts sided with the doctor and wants Danny to begin chemo, despite his mom’s unstable frame of mind. Now, the mom and Danny are on the run.

This story saddens me. Number one: I can’t believe with the access of information that people are still uninformed and unaware of simple science. I am a person who does not like to take medicine, and believe headaches and certain ailments can be handled with alternative methods. However, this is cancer. There is no way that she honestly believes some vitamins and ionized water will cure this disease, not God, but minerals.

Number two: We have the freedom of religion, but not the freedom to kill our children because of out wacked out beliefs. The sad thing is the poor boy doesn’t want treatment because he is brainwashed, and doesn’t have the reading or writing skills to know otherwise. I don’t think the government should tell you how to raise your children, but I also don’t think kids should die out of stupidity. I hope we can find Daniel Hauser, and get him treatment.Poor Danny!


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