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Chris Brown Responds To Haters & Black-Eye Rumors On Youtube; Plus Kanye & Rihanna Paranoid Video

After watching Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular’s dance moves while drinking, I have decided that it’s not a good idea for celebs to do damage control via Youtube, because somehow it just has the opposite affect. That’s just my observation.

None-the-less, Chris Brown’s first address to the public is not through his publicist or a news conference, it’s via Youtube, and his co-star of all people is Bow Wow. BTW the rumors of Chris Brown having a black-eye from Jay-Z are false. Raise your hand if you actually thought they were true…Anyway, for your viewing pleasure…

“I Aint’ A Monster” by Chris Brown

Just because the two are related, and I don’t want to create another post. Here is the non-bootleg version of Kanye West’s video Paranoid ft/ Rihanna, but only in the video…

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