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Ashanti Gets Dropped From The INC.By Irv Gotti!


“The relationship has run its course,” Gotti explained earlier this week while visiting the MTV offices. “The chemistry of what’s needed — we’re in two totally different places. You’re talking to somebody that took her and shaped and molded her and put her out there for the world, and it blew up. We [hold the record] for the [fastest] selling debut by a female R&B artist — 503 [thousand]. We did it! My views and philosophies and her views and philosophies are not meeting up.”
Gotti also went on to say, “I personally believe for her to be successful, it took the energy … when you seen her, it was 30 n—as around her, and she’s the princess so nice and pretty walking through,” he said. “The music was great, but it was the energy that was created. It wasn’t just her standing there and singing a song.
“We don’t really speak or talk or anything like that,” he continued. “It’s sad in a way. But in another, it’s like it’s all good.”
Ashanti last LP The Declaration came out last June after a year hiatus. The album failed to go platinum, probably due to lack of communication between the label and poor promotion.
This may actually be a good thing for Ashanti. A new label and a broader horizon. I think Gotti could have been more respectful of Ashanti and not put it out their in the media. I wish her the best and hope she’ll find success elsewhere.
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