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If you’ve been keeping up with AI this season, then you should be fully aware of where this post is going.

In my opinion Lil’ Rounds started out at the top of the leader boards, with the judges and fans. As the season and competition got stronger, I feel Lil started to loose some of her shine that got American on her side in the beginning. Well of course, Simon doesn’t fake the funk and he is gon’ tell it like it is. Week after week, Lil’ felt she was giving it her all but the judges were a total 360 on their opinions.

I will admit there were a couple times where I would just cry like a baby because I felt like I went out there and was giving my all and it kept getting pushed down…After they kept hammering, America started feeling like, ‘Oh, maybe they’re right?’ It started to change their opinion about me.

Well, we’ll have to see if those comments are still lingering in the air when she tries to go solo. I’m sure that’ll be the next move.

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