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Talk about subliminal messages. I hope the guns are for protecting her spirit; unless she has taken up the 2nd Amendment. I will just give her a little space and not jump to conclusions, hopefully this is a sign she’s retuning to  normalcy, because we know the girl loves her tatts. If not, then message to Chris Brown, “There’s Nothing Like A Woman Scorned”… Now we  know why her tattoo artist name is BangBang, and here’s what he had to say about the matter:

‘I really wanted to put it here [on her arms]… She loved ‘em. But, Cover Girl wouldn’t have liked it much… and they pay the bills!’


[This is where Rihanna eventually decided to put the tattoo; below is wear BangBang originally wanted to put the tattoo]


Check out the gallery for more pictures of Rihanna and her tattoos…

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