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Old School Friday: When I Have A Bad Day At Work

Usually I would play something pretty hardcore like Pastor Troy or UGK, but out of respect to the other participants I will leave my “hood tunes” to myself, and focus on the softer side of my anger. I have been having problems with my server, and I will have to move to a dedicated server, which means more money out of pocket. It has been messing up my post and my numbers. I should have moved a few months back, but I decided a virtual private server would be sufficient,  but I was wrong. Now, my site keeps going down, my numbers are messed up, Chi-Chi my top blogger quit the blogging business, and I lose money every time this happens. So, I’m mad at my job right now, and on top of that I have blogger fatigue. These celebrities and their drama can wear a person down. Anyway, I said all of that to say, I’m feeling the theme right now, and my songs of choice are…

Mel Waiters – Got My Whiskey [My very first thought would be to drink]

Linkin Park – In the End [My second thought would be to unleash the rage]

AJBklynQueen’86BriaCC GroovyChocl8t – Cooper – ShawnDanielle VyasDeeDPFresh and FabHagar’s DaughtersInvisible WomanJohnKeith – Kevin – Kim – LaKeisha – LaShonda – Lil Creole PimpLisa C – Mahogany – MalcolmMarcusMartin – MarvalusOne – MikeMrs. GrapevineMsLadyDeborahPjazzyparPop Art DivaQuick – Regina – Revvy Rev – Shae-Shae – SharonSJPStaci – Tami – Tha ConnoisseurThembiVérité ParlantVillagerVivrant ThangWheneva WhatevaZenobia

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