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Old School Friday: Child Singer

As long as it’s not Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5, I will be okay. I did not like the Jackson meme for some reason.  I digress!  Anyway, I decided that I would choose Texas artists since that’s my home state. Coming from Waco, TX (also home of Tevin Campbell) my first choice is Hi-Five…

Hi-Five – I Can’t Wait Another Minute

Next on the list we travel down South to Houston. Before there was a Destiny Child there was a 702, and I love that group growing up.

Subway ft. 702 – This Little Game We Play

AJBklynQueen’86BriaCC GroovyChocl8t – Cooper – ShawnDanielle VyasDeeDPFresh and FabHagar’s DaughtersInvisible WomanJohnKeith – Kevin – Kim – LaKeisha – LaShonda – Lil Creole PimpLisa C – Mahogany – MalcolmMarcusMartin – MarvalusOne – MikeMrs. GrapevineMsLadyDeborahPjazzyparPop Art DivaQuick – Regina – Revvy Rev – Shae-Shae – SharonSJPStaci – Tami – Tha ConnoisseurThembiVérité ParlantVillagerVivrant ThangWheneva WhatevaZenobia

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