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Whitney Houston Angry With Ray-J & The Reality Show + Pics of Whitney Houston & Bobby Kristina at LAX

Word is Whitney Houston has called it quits with Ray-J over his reality series, I Love Ray-J. Apparently Ray-J said he was doing the show just for the exposure and the money, but it seems he crossed the line quite a bit. The old Whitney Houston would put up with a lot, but the new Whitney is not having it.

Whitney is on the warpath because Ray J agreed to do this dating show even after she asked him not to!” . “She knows he’s a hound dog.”
“He told Whitney he was doing the show for the exposure and the money and that as soon as it was over they would be back to normal,” the tabloid claims. “….She’s started seeing promos for it-and it’s not at all the way Ray described it to her….There were girls bumping and grinding on Ray. She also saw him kissing another girl-and in bed with yet another girl who’s on top of him.

Whitney blew up and for now they’re not speaking. [Source]

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