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Usher Cancels Grammy Rushes To Tameka Foster In Brazil After Plastic Surgey Complications

Grammy night has been a bad night for R&B singers that can dance. Usher had to cancel a Pre-Grammy performance to rush to Brazil after receiving a call that a family memeber was “seriously injured”. That family member is Tameka Foster who is suffering from complication after plastic sugery in Brazil. Tameka Foster just gave birth to her fifth child, and Usher’s second child in December of 2008.

“Access Hollywood” is reporting that Usher’s wife, Tameka Foster, is in Brazil and has experienced complications from plastic surgery. A neurosurgeon, Dr. Gabriel Hunt, of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, is on the way to South America, the site said.


It seems a little soon to have surgery after giving birth, but I guess that’s not important now. Let’s just hope Tameka is doing well because she has beautiful children to get back to, and a wonderful husband…

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