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Update: Rihanna In Hospital With Multiple Injuries To The Face; Chris Brown Hits Rihanna In The Face? Rihanna Injuries Horrific Includes Bite Marks? Pics


UPDATE: This story just keeps getting worst and I hope for Chris Brown sake that he seeks some help. The more that comes out the crazier it sounds. Now sources are saying that Rihanna injuries are “horrific”.  She has two contusions to the face, a split lip, bloody nose, and bite marks on the arm and across the hand. The report says Chris Brown used his fist, and a witness called 911 after hearing Rihanna screams. Rihanna had no intentions of pressing charges. Police have pictures of the injuries, and Rihanna refused treatment on the scene, but later went to the hospital. This has graduated from young and dumb, to psycho…deranged…{read more}


[Minutes Before Incident]

According to the EURweb, Rihanna is in the hospital with visible injuries to the face. The marks are serious enough to warrant a hospital stay. Witnesses say, Chris Brown hit Rihanna in the face more than once, took off on feet with the keys to his rented Lamborghini, and left Rihanna stranded and hurt. I do not like to jump to conclusions and I’m trying to give Chris Brown the benefit of the doubt, but as more evidence comes out, it’s not looking good for him. Read the excerpt below:

EUR learned exclusively that she remained hospitalized later Sunday with massive injuries sustained to her face.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source close to the investigation has said that Brown was driving Rihanna in his rented Lamborghini through the Hancock Park section of Los Angeles, as published reports have stated, when the two began arguing for reasons that are still not clear.

Tensions escalated and Brown stopped the car on North June Street. The couple got out and Brown allegedly struck Rihanna more than once in the face, leaving her with enough wounds to warrant a hospital stay, according to our source. We were told that Brown ran off on foot after the alleged beatdown and took the car keys with him, leaving Rihanna stranded at the scene.



[Night Before Incident]

You can definitely tell Rihanna was upset when leaving, Chris Brown was trying to play it cool. Word of advice, after this incident please go your separate ways. Obviously this love is just a little too passionate for the young lovebrids to handle, and things can only get uglier from here.

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