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Pictures Of Rihanna Injuries After Assault; Rihanna Bruised & Beaten

UPDATE: Pictures have been removed from this post and comments have been disabled. People are going crazy leaving illiterate and evil messages to both Rihanna and Chris. It’s not tolerated at this site, so I am shutting it down.

One of our readers [Queen Mendi] had this to say, and I agree:

You asked, so I’m giving my opinion. I think the picture should be taken off the internet period. This is a delicate and very personal matter for Rihanna, and I’m sure she doesn’t want this horrible picture of her (that wasn’t suppose to get out) swarming around the world like this. She’s trying to heal and most likely trying to find the best possible way to put this behind her, and with this picture how can she??

I’m sick of reading some of these blogs, especially when you have jerks (both men and women) that make ignorant judgmental comments that suggest she “deserved” this treatment!! On what planet do women start thinking that any type of abuse is well deserved?? I also believe that although there are many who are genuinely concerned about the two involved, there are those few that what to use this to display they’re display their dislike for Rihanna and Chris. There’s a time and a place, and this just ain’t it. So please, take into consideration what Rihanna might be going through right now and refuse to support the blog-abuse.

I’m torn about posting this picture. I know many of you want to know, but at the same time Rihanna is a victim. This thing has gotten real, and Chris Brown has a lot of explaining to do. When you put the words to the picture, it really hits home. I thought the “sources” were exaggerating, and so I hoped for the best, but this is worst than I initially thought.  I will still try to reserve judgment until all facts are in, but it’s hard. I can’t confirm that this picture isn’t doctored, but TMZ is notorious for getting the scoop… If you think I should take it down let me know.



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