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Old School Friday: Graduation Year 1996

I have been M.I.A., but I’m so happy to be back networking with my fellow bloggers on Old School Friday. The year I graduated, I voted for Bill Clinton in my first presidential election; my favorite rapper (Tupac Shakur) released All Eyesz On Me which went platinum in 4 hours; my favorite rapper was shot and killed; Lisa Marie Presley divorced Michael Jackson; MC Hammer files bankruptcy; Madonna pregnant with first child; R Kelly got saved and wrote I Believe I Can Fly. This meme was hard; it really took me back to some good times and good music.

It’s hard to pick a song, to be real I only listened to hardcore Southern rap during this time period. I was young, that’s all I can say. I’m trying to pick something that’s good for all, so my first choice is New Edition. In 1996 they reunited, including Bobby Brown and created yet another hit. For those that don’t like rap music this one is for you.

New Edition – I’m Still In Love With You
Now for my peers, the South was on the rise in 1996, because of all the east coast and west coast drama. So my days were spent listening to Tupac, Scarface, 8ball & MJG, UGK, Outkast, Master P, and anything screwed and chopped by the SUC. My second pick is from UGK, Diamonds & Wood the screwed version. Riding slab, this is how Texas did it.

Electronic VillageMs GrapevineQuickMarcus LANGFORD – Cassandra – DanielleLisa CChocl8tDPKreative Talk -MarvalusOne – Regina – LaShonda –AJSharonInvisible WomanBeliever 1964DeeSJP – sHaE-sHae – Songs In the Key of LifeHagar’s Daughterfreshandfab – Thembi – Clnmike – Kim – pjazzyparKimberlyMalcolm`

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