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Elections Highlights: Jesse Jackson Tears, The First Family, The American Dream Alive

UPDATE: I guess my new response is that these tears are genuine, I was a little suspect, but I will give him the benefit of my doubt. After all, as revealed in the comments, he has seen a lot and been through a lot which helped this moment come true. Perhaps I’m biased because I got caught up in the campaign. So deep down inside, maybe he’s just happy for President Barack Obama, as well as his son, Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Question 1: Was Jesse Jackson tears genuine?

Now to move on from the negative. I feel like I’m the only one that notice the tears pooling in President Barack Obama’s eyes. It seems that every hug brought him one step closer to tears. It was a bittersweet moment knowing “Toot” wasn’t there to share it with him, I sensed a bit of sadness in his smile. This picture was taken while President Barack Obama was telling the crowd about the loss of his grandma, the night before his win.

Thank God, he has a strong beautiful black woman by his side. Michelle Obama loves him so much, the camera can’t even disguise it. Here is one moment that really captures the bond they share.

Next is our new First Family. I don’t think it could get anymore picture perfect than this. We are all realist, but we can dream, too. We know their will be lots of challenges ahead, but for this moment we are all “PROUD”. If you don’t feel it, then maybe you have been part of the problem all these years. To America’s Future…

Every since 9/11, I have had such a love for this country. That day reminded us all that we’re Americans first. After Election Night 2008, the words of the National Anthem carries on more meaning than before. “Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,  O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”

People are inspired all across this country, if you have a dream, now just may be the time to try. It’s time to tell your children think big. No, we all won’t make it, but you have a better chance if you try.

So I leave with tears. Whatever the reason last night, many people had a good cry. Oprah cried until her fake eyelashes fell off. I cried because my mother missed it, and I cried because my son lives it.

Presidential Election 2008

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