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Old School Friday: Socio-Political Songs

I know someone will pick my favorites like Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, or maybe someone will go outside of the box and pick a song like Imagine or Yesterday by John Lennon or the Beatles. So I will do something that was relevant to me back when I was young. So, here is Tevin Campbell’s Tomorrow produced by Quincy Jones.

This second song is by The Winans, and I can’t stress to you, how much I love this song. There are a lot of people that blame organize religion for the fate of the world, especially those that believe in Socialism or Marxism. However, I believe if people really held the true principles of faith in their heart, and lead by love, then we can get see some peace on the planet. So I chose, Tomorrow, by The Winans…With so much trouble and hopelessness going on in the world, sometimes faith may be all you have left…

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