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Usher And Son On The Cover Of Essence – Official Pictures of Usher’s Son – Usher V

I know I have been slipping lately, I have been enjoying my summer, so much so I almost forgot to post pictures of Usher’s son, Usher V. I have been waiting forever to see this child, and I let the moment almost slip right pass me. I’m happy to inform you, he is one beautiful baby boy. Here is an excerpt from the Essence interview with Hill Harper and Usher on fatherhood:

HARPER: If you could take your finger and touch your 9-month-old son, Usher V, on the head and impart some certain knowledge, what would you want him to know?

USHER: First of all, I’d actually look inside myself and evaluate what I felt like I missed from my own father.

HARPER: What did you miss?

USHER: Knowing that I was accepted. That I mattered. And hearing that he cared enough to put me before himself.

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