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I haven’t posted too many pictures of Gabrielle Union since she went off on all the blogs for tearing black celebrity women down from their weaves to their ashen ankles, but there is a new movie out with a black cast, and she happens to be in it, so I will post some pictures of Gabrielle Union. I will help market this movie, although I’m scared. I read the premise and I have to say it just doesn’t sound like my kind of movie, but it may be something worth taking the kiddies to see. Truth be told I heard it’s kind of funny. Meet Dave is about some small aliens (micro small) inside a spaceship that looks human, like Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy plays the part of the human looking spaceship as well as the captain of the miniature crew. So the Nilleans, as they are called, are on earth in search of a device that will help them save the planet Nill, where the miniature aliens live. The goal of the crew is to make the spaceship look and act like a real person, and fit into the New York culture. Sounds funny, right! I sure hope it is. Anyway check out pics of Gabrielle Union at the premier.


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