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Top Headline Juice: Carrine Bailey Husband Dies, Soulja Boy Attacked, Mike Epps Paternity, Tyra’s Stalker

1. Jason Rae, husband of British singer Corrine Bailey Rae, was found dead in an apartment in Leeds England, of a possible overdose. The cause of death will not be confirmed until the toxicology report is released from the coroner’s office, but cops suspect drugs were the cause of death. The couple met in a jazz club and married in 2001. My heart goes out to Corrine, I couldn’t imagine what that would be like. Prayers out to Corrine and family.
2. According to published reports Atlanta’s favorite teen idol, Soulja Boy, got assaulted by a young kid while out on tour recently. A 12 year-old boy was taken into custody Wednesday night for throwing a rock through the windshield of Soulja Boy’s tour bus. When asked why he committed such a heinous act. The kid told arresting officers, “I hate Soulja Boy.” [Source] These kids today need a whooping, a good old fashion wet switch butt-whooping.
3. According to TMZ, a married Mike Epps is the target of a paternity lawsuit. A Georgia woman is suing the actor/comedian over paternity of her 3 month old child. The paternity test was filed in February and Mike Epps has yet to comply. Randy Kessler, lawyer of the Georgia woman, says they wanted to handle the matter privately, but Epps refuses to cooperate, “We are not asking for the moon, we are just asking him to take a paternity test.”
4. Tyra Banks has a stalker, yes, a stalker. Brady Green, 37, has hounded Banks with multiple letters and phone calls since early January, cops and prosecutors said. [Source] Green caught a bus from Dublin, GA to NY, demanding to see Tyra. According to Fox News, “Green was carrying a large duffel bag stuffed with magazine write-ups about Banks and notes to himself about his various attempts to reach her.”

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