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Just When You Think Things Can’t Get Worst – CoCo, Ice-T’s Wife Proves Me Wrong

If you haven’t gotten it yet, this blog like to question the morality of Hollywood and is there any left. It has gotten to the point that people will do anything for slightest bit of fame and publicity. I have to question my morality when posting these pictures, but at the same time enough already. This woman dresses like this in public, meaning your children can get a glimpse of everything if you out and about and she walks by. Now it’s one thing to wear this to a porn convention, and I do understand she’s a car show, but women in bikinis are far less revealing than this. You have to question yourself if you think this outfit is OK. Why do people want this kind of fame?

Click picture for larger the view…
Coco at car show  Coco at car show  Coco at car show

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