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Is That Jaime Foxx, Has He Lost Weight?

UPDATE: According to Pop-Junkie, Jaime Foxx is indeed preparing for a role in the movie, The Soloist. In the movie, Foxx plays the part of Nathaniel Ayers, “a schizophrenic, homeless musician who went from Skid Row in Los Angeles to playing at Walt Disney Concert Hall.” I’m glad it’s good news, and I can’t wait to see the movie. Judging by the physical change in appearance, this movie should be stellar.

I was passing through Bossip, when I saw these pictures of Jaime Foxx at the Pepsi STUFF launch. Something is very different about him, and I’m not talking about the Malcom X look, either. Bossip describes him as sickly, but maybe he is preparing for a new role that requires him to lose weight. I almost didn’t recognize him, I thought to myself, “Samuel Jackson at it again.”

Also, in other Jaime Foxx news: He is slated to host Charm School 2. I know you are excited about that one…

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