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Is Beyonce Married? Is Beyonce Pregnant?

Here we go again…This time it could be real. It’s no surprise that I think Beyonce is pregnant due to her changing figure, dying her hair darker, and her choice of clothing lately, but as many of you have pointed out this is not unusual for Ms. Knowles, her shape often fluctuates. Well, some fans noticed matching tattoos that read “IV” on the ring fingers of Beyonce and Jay-Z.

My first thought: Someone used photoshop to add the tattoos, then I remembered that I have the original picture of Beyonce in that pose. Guess what, there is a tattoo on her ring finger. I tried to find pictures of her in Paris, but on the pictures I found, she’s wearing gloves and Jay-Z’s hands are in his pocket. The point is, we will never know with this couple and maybe we shouldn’t, but at the same time they are hip-hop royalty. We will just have to wait and see…until then let the conspiracy theory begin.

Beyonce Tattoo On Ring Finger IV

Beyonce Matching Tattoo On Ring Finger IV Married

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