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According to Gabrielle Union black blogs make up things about her because the paparazzi and white media could care less about black actors:

And now because everyone is clamoring for tidbits, the bigger gossip sites and even mainstream entities are picking up on it. No fact-checking, no nothing. And in one week’s time, there were like five different dudes, a baby—I’m a homewrecker. In literally seven days. I can’t point the finger at the White media. They don’t care about us. Paparazzi are not staked out in front of any of our houses. They are not going through our garbage because they don’t care about us in that way. So when you hear crap about us, it is coming from our own community, which hurts…In the next breath, they’ll complain on the blogs that we don’t have enough Black stars. Well, you rip us to shreds every two seconds from our nose to the weave to the clothes to the shoes to the ashy ankles.

I wonder who’s taking these pictures, could it be the paparazzi? Is that Gabrielle Union smiling and soaking up all the attention from the photographers? I think black blogs support black actors and promote their movies in a way that mainstream media does not. I don’t care if you are famous or not, if you have “ashen” ankles, people are going to talk. So, I understand your gripe, but honestly black blogs have done more good for you career than you’d think, and a thank you goes a long way. Just like you claim the blogs do, you have only pointed out the negative side of blogging, and have totally forgot about the fan bases created, and the endless FREE promotions of black films, books, music, and media, not always picked up on Extra and other mainstream sources.

Gabrielle Union Shopping at Premium Denim

Gabrielle Union Shopping at Paige Premium Denim

Gabrielle Union Shopping at Paige Premium Denim

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