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Blogxilla World Tour: And He Say She’s Just A Friend

Relationships can be a tricky thing, you have to treat them with kid gloves. I find that whenever I’m in a relationship my females friends tend to get pushed to the back. It’s mainly b/c females don’t like females. They can’t get along. Maybe it’s the Chris Rock Theory when he claims “When females see your man they don’t think She need a man like him, They feel like they need HIM.” I often wonder why that is the case, like I have a friend whom I’ve been cool with for years and haven’t slept with but yet my last girlfriend hated her, to the point where that friendship was a deciding factor in our breakup. To each it’s own but my female friend has been in my life way longer than my ex and continues to be in my life today unlike my EX [capital EX] So I compiled a list of the who girlfriends don’t like.

The Office Vixen – The fly chick in the office who is always at dudes desk whenever wifey comes to visit. She’s normally the one who comes to work dressed like she’s on her way to the club and always wants to lean over you to show you something. Wifey hates her b/c she gets to see you 40 hours a week and more when you work overtime. The mind wonders so introducing wifey to this woman is helpful along with numerous happy pictures of the 2 of you on your desk should help calm any ideas the wife has about you 2 hooking up with each other.
The IBFF [Internet Best Friend Forever] – This is the girl who sends you numerous e-mails and IM’s all throughout the day. She sends you sexual forwards of the weirdest porn on earth like chicks taking arm size penises with ease. She’s also leaving you numerous comments on your myspace page, video clips of Jia-TV, sparkling have a good day pics imported from photobucket and cleaver quotes to get you through your day. She’s probably the lady next to the wife on the friends list as well. You might want to let her read some of the messages you 2 send each other as well as letting her in on some of the inside jokes so she doesn’t feel like such an outsider to this relationship. Information is the key to sleeping a little better at night.

The Cute Chick Who’s One Of The Guys – She’s the girl who knows all about sports, and has been around you since the 2 of your were in High school together. She knows EVERYTHING about you, including the secret code to get into the club house, which color ties your wear after you’ve had sex and more. She’s the girl who you would have been with if she wasn’t so cool. Let the wife know how big of a part this friend has played on keeping the 2 of you together. Tell her how she helped picked out the ring and told you about that romantic place to take her when you popped the question. Explain to the wife the this girl is your Dr. Phil and not your naughty nighttime nurse.Which One of Your Man’s Friends Do You Hate?

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