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The Happiest Place On Earth

I have not been ignoring all of you, I forgot to post that we were going to The Most Expensive Happiest Place On Earth. You guessed it, Disney World. We had so much fun, but I must say this place is a rip off. Disney World plays on the love parents have for their children. If you love your children you will take them to Disney World and give all your money to Mickey and his friends. Disney World is the acme of capitalism, consumerism, and branding. We ate Disney popcorn, Disney burgers, and Disney Grapes. At the age of 79, I think Mickey Mouse has done pretty well for himself, and is by far the richest rodent on earth.

Which reminds me: There is a documentary film entitled “What Would Jesus Buy” that explores the commercialism of Christmas, and inundation of our children with material gifts. It’s produced by the maker of Super Size Me, so it should be incredibly funny, and satirical.

Anyway here are some pictures from our trip, and I posted these for Lisa C, who appreciated the more personal side of blogging.

Family Vacation

Family Vacation

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