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In Case You Missed It: Ciara & Rihanna At World Music Awards

I am late, so I am sure many of you have seen pictures of Ciara & Rihanna looking exceptionally beautiful at the World Music Awards. These two women were diamonds in the rough, and it’s amazing what a little polishing can do to transform someone. They were of course natural beauties before, but now they have a glow.

There are certain people that will never have a glow no matter what you do to them. Jennifer Lopez is beautiful, but she will never have the glow. She is a shadow, which is great when playing tough girl roles. My professor of media writing, had this theory about entertainers. They either had the glow or the shadow. Halle Berry for example, can light up the screen, she can’t act in my opinion, but she does seem to bring a light to stage.

Rihanna @ World Music

Ciara @ World Music Awards

 Rihanna @ World Music Awards

Ciara @ World Music Awards

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