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What’s Going On With MrsGrapevine.com?


I am still alive and so is MrsGrapevine.com! My computer decided to explode on me, and so we are in the process of getting it repaired. Apparently the power source went out and will take a few days for us to fix. I have so much stuff to post that it’s driving me crazy. I can’t believe Britney Spears lost her children. I can believe it, it’s just I have been waiting for this story to break and it waits to my computer goes bust. Also, I heard Gabrielle Union is really dating Dereck Jeter. I am so confused, every week she’s linked to a different entertainer. I guess they are smoke screens to keep her personal life private. Anyway I appreciate the concern, and hopefully by Friday I will be able to post, and empty out my inbox. I am using an old antiquated laptop to type this mesage, and it uses dial-up. I can’t believe dial-up use to be the norm, it’s a wonder the internet even grew with dial-up.

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