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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Coming To A Close

Pink RibbonI was tagged by Lisa C to spread the word. This month is breast cancer awareness month and as it comes to an end, I want to remind everyone over the age of 21 to get a mammogram. I know some of you feel you are too young, and you are right breast cancer is rare among those younger than 40. However, I know someone who’s only 27 and fighting her fourth bout with breast cancer. If you have history of breast cancer in your family please get check, always better safe than sorry. The earlier you know that easier it is to fight. The five year survival rate for breast cancer is now 84% and that’s mostly due to early detection and informed awareness.

If you are an African-American woman which I know the majority of you are, please go get a check-up. African-American women have a lower survival rate because of access to proper medical care, elective medical care.

To learn more about breast cancer and self-examinations visit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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