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This Why They’re Not: MTV VMA Edition – Lil Mama, Beyonce, Ne-Yo, Shar Jackson

The worst dress was easy to put together. Lil Mama takes the honors hands down. Since when is negative press a good thing. People are more concerned with being infamous than famous. And yes, that’s a pacifier in her mouth.

I’m not sure what’s up with Beyonce, but this has been a worst dress week for her. First there was the Hansel and Gretel look (click here); now it’s a Toga party. I must also throw Solange Knowles under the bus for obvious reasons.

Ne-Yo gets the honor for the men. All he had to wear was a T-shirt and some jeans, but instead he chose to dress like Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal and he wasn’t even performing. Shar Jackson all her dresses are the same style…bored.

Lil Mama VMA

Beyonce VMA

NeYo & Shar Jackson VMA

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