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Singer Mario Has A Crush On Beyoncé

Mario BarrettIn an interview with BET.com, Mario Barrett reveals that the girl of his dreams is non other than Beyoncé. How cute Mario! The only problem you are too young and about $350 Million to light, but I can’t knock you for trying.

Describe your dream girl?
I really don’t have a dream girl, but I hate to say this, but my dream girl was a “Dreamgirl,” and she is Beyoncé. I would love to go on a date with her. I would love to go on a date with Selma Hayek or Jada Pinkett, but Beyoncé is the dream girl.

Why Beyoncé?
She’s a Virgo; she’s intelligent; she is beautiful; and I think she’s funny. She’s real funny. She seems like a fun girl. She’s like a dream girl.

She’s too old for you.
I’m 21 now, so I’m considered a grown man.

What about Jay-Z?
Jigga, it’s nothing personal.

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