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Mary Louise Parker & Her Adopted Kid From

Mary Louise Parker joins the crusade to save an African. I shouldn’t be so cynical, what’s wrong with celebrities adopting children of third world countries as if they were the new accessories of the season. I should look at the bottom line, and see the wonderful things these celebrities are doing. Maybe I don’t have a problem with white celebrities adopting children of color, maybe I have a problem with black celebrities not adopting any. I know there are kids here that need a home, too, but why do black celebrities shy away from adopting African children. Or maybe I’m just upset because I can’t find out what country this child is from. It just says Africa, like it’s one big country or something. Overall I think it’s a good thing, I just question the motives behind the trend. We’ll see how it works out in  10 years or so, when Mommy Dearest the sequel is made.

Mary Louise Parker & Child

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