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Kid Rock & Tommy Lee Fight At MTV Video Music Awards (VMA)

There was a fight last night and no rappers were involved, well not exactly. During Alicia Keys performance, Tommy Lee decided to address Kid Rock, and Kid Rock responded with a slap. Here are the details according to MTV:

According to eyewitnesses, Lee — sitting at the same table as Diddy — jawed at Rock as he made his way toward the Bad Boy CEO, with whom he was supposed to present the show’s final performance. It wasn’t clear exactly what Lee said to Rock, but apparently after his words, Rock slapped the drummer, according to eyewitnesses. Lee, one eyewitness said, attempted to fight back, but before he able to land a blow, was punched in the face by Rock.

Many inside the venue — including Jermaine Durpi — were oblivious to the fight taking place behind them. Others either tried to get out of the way as security tossed chairs to reach the outbreak or were stunned and didn’t quite know what was going on.

Security quickly detained both men, with Lee being immediately removed from the venue. Rock, with his cigar still in his mouth, was held back momentarily until Lee left and calmly walked out alongside security. [Source]

MG Says: All this over Pamela Anderson. She has hepatitis. Kid Rock grew up in the hood, so I don’t think Tommy want any of that. Seriously, this is just sad. Poor Alicia Keys this is the second fight she’s been close to.

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