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We Have Got To Do Better: Vivica’s Birthday Bash

Vivica 43rd B-DayEverything that could go wrong did go wrong for Vivica Fox, when I read this morning’s Page Six report, my mouth just dropped. Poor Vivica she just can’t get it together in the media’s watchful eye. She may need to hire a new PR firm to spend this one. Anyway, like I said on previous post, if Remy Ma is the most famous person there, this party can’t be too good. Anyway here’s what went down:

  1. The first bump in the evening came when a promised Rolls-Royce Phantom failed to appear at Mr. Chow to take Fox to the party. Her dinner companion, Star Jones, dropped her off instead.
  2. Remy and her management were asked not to attend by the club in advance, due to her pending court case for attempted murder,” says an organizer. But like any good diva, the songbird strutted her curves in a tight dress on the red carpet until “she was turned away at the door by a wall of security.”
  3. The next day, a check for Fox’s $2,500 appearance fee was rejected by her bank because it was drawn on a closed account.
  4. Earlier this month, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge barred Fox from consuming alcohol, pending her upcoming arraignment on a March DUI. “I poured red wine for her into a can of Red Bull so she could drink,” McNair claimed. “She asked me to do that.”

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