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You couldn’t write a better song, this Eddie Murphy love-hate-triangle plays out like the words of Favorite Girl by Dave Hollister.

Tracey Edmons & Eddie Murphy

Tracey Edmonds decides it’s time to speak out and defend her relationship with Eddie. In a recent interview with JET magazine, Tracey Edmonds reveals:

The Melanie Brown situation had absolutely no impact on my relationship with Eddie. I knew about the potential paternity issue. That relationship was long over and so it had absolutely no impact on Eddie and I. Eddie is a wonderful man. He’s a wonderful father and so I’ve been supportive of him throughout this whole journey. We’re very happy and we’re going strong. He’s obviously funny but he’s really brilliant to talk to. He’s very creative.”

MG says: Obviously this is PR at it’s finest. The relationship couldn’t have been long over, when we have pics of him holding hands with Mel B, shortly before he was holding hands with Tracey Edmonds on the red carpet. How can a man having a pregnant baby-mama not impact the relationship. Maybe that’s the problem, there should have been a big impact. It’s called closure.

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