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Toni Braxton Bounces $35,000 Check To Designer

Toni BraxtonToni Braxton bounces $35,000 check to designer, Anthony Franco. Franco filed legal papers against Toni Braxton, requesting the remainder of the balance due to him.

TMZ.com has the story:

According to court papers filed on Friday, Anthony Franco was commissioned by Braxton and Liberty Entertainment, Inc. to design the entire wardrobe for Braxton’s “Toni Revealed” show. Franco claims they agreed on a price of $35,000. Franco alleges that he received payment by check, which was returned for “insufficient funds.” He then alleges the defendants put a stop payment on the check.

In the lawsuit, Franco claims he was eventually paid $20,000, but there is still a $15,000 balance.

MG Says: I know she’s paid well in Vegas, it must be a misunderstanding turned bad.

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