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Kanye West is growing tired of people questioning his sexual orientation. In an interview withManchest Evening News-UK, Kanye admits his style leads people to believe he’s gay, but he is far from it:

“Speaking out against hip-hop homophobia, some people were like ‘Oh, Kanye must be gay! Look at the way he’s dressing! And why would he speak about it? He’s a gay rapper’,” he notes. “And my whole point is, I wouldn’t have spoke on that if I was gay or if I was in the closet. I would have stayed so far away from it. And I’m still homophobic myself to certain extent. You know, I wouldn’t go to a gay parade and feel comfortable. I wouldn’t ever to a gay club or something and just be chillin’ and grab a drink. It’s being in the entertainment world, I meet so many different gay people who are actually nice people. Where I came from, Chicago, being black and being a hip-hop artist, we used to really disrespect gay people. And the thing is, we can’t get close to them with a 10-foot pole. And I realised, ‘wow, how ignorant has this been?”

Kanye West Not Gay

MG Says: He reminds me of someone…hmmm, who could it be. Oh! Now I remeber…Elton John.  Anyway to read the rest of the interview click here.

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