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Usher and FianceCourtesy of Chocolate With Chips

According to the National Enquirer, Tameka Foster has a past that inlcudes criminal behavior and drug dealers. Valencia Foster, exposes her own step-sister in an interview with National Enquirer giving-up all the dirt. Please read-on:

Tameka is an ex-con whose first lover was gunned down in a drug-related execution-style shooting.

“Poor Usher has no idea who he’s marrying,” said Valencia Foster (Tameka’s half sister). “He’s a wonderful guy, but Tameka is giving him a big time snow job.”

The family met for a “getting to know the in-laws” dinner in Tameka’s hometown of Oakland, Calif., on July 7 as the couple finalized plans for a July 28 wedding.

Valencia, 49, explained that Usher led a prayer before dinner, then turned to her and said:

You know all thefamily secrets, tell me about them.” Before I could say a word, Tameka kicked me so hard under the table she almost put a hole in my leg,” Valencia said.

Then she pulled me aside and whispered: Don’t tell him anything.’”

Tameka, fleeing from a troubled home life, moved in with Valencia when she was 11. “She arrived with $14 in food stamps in her purse,” Valencia re-called. “She turned out to be a nightmare.”

By 14, she had become involved with a married drug dealer five years older than her, Valencia says.

“I banned him from the house, but four years later she was pregnant with his baby when his car was ambushed and he was riddled with bullets. Tameka missed being with him in the car by minutes.”

Court records show that Tameka has been arrested twice. In 1991, she served 20 days in the Los Angeles County Jail for petty theft and was placed on probation for two years. Records indicate she had previously served jail time.

An earlier arrest in Alameda County, Calif., involved “some kind of welfare fraud, and she was sentenced to perform community service,” said Valencia.

Tameka, Usher’s former wardrobe stylist, has three children and is expecting the singer’s baby in the fall. Usher, 28, recently shocked fans by reportedly firing his manager/mother and replacing her with Tameka.

The 36-year-old bride asked her father, John Foster, to give her away at the wedding in the Hampton’s, the tony New York enclave. But Tameka threatened to ban her mom from the ceremony, because she had lost her false teeth!

“Tameka told her: ‘You’re not coming to my wedding without teeth,’” Valencia said.

“I asked her why she didn’t buy her mother a new set, and she told me: ‘Let her get her own (bleeping) teeth- she didn’t take care of me when I was young.’”

Valencia says Tameka’s mom bought the new teeth herself, and she believes one day Usher will discover the truth about his new bride.

“Usher is so much in love he’s under her spell,” she said. “But he’s going to find out she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” [Source]

Wow, even family don’t want to see her happy. Usher I tried to except her and I know this may all be lies, but something is telling me, you are truly missing the writings on the wall.

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