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You know what, I for one am happy that Usher is dating Tameka Foster. He could have any supermodel with unattainable beauty, but he got himself a real woman with a real woman’s body. The only problem I have is the fact that she is a divorcee with one…two…three kids, that’s a lot for any 26 year old man to take on. [Source]

[Photo Credit: Derek Blanks]

Everyone seems to question why T.I. is with Tameka “Tiny” Cottle from Xscape fame. Straight from the horse’s [T.I.] mouth, “she means to me what my mother meant to me as a kid. Somebody that you know is consistently there, has your best interests at heart, and if ain’t nobody else there in the world, she gon’ be there. Tiny’s filled that spot in my life.”

Tameka Cottle

So I guess we all need to stop hating, or just change our names to “Tameka”.

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