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Emotional Breakdowns: Is Fame Worth It?

Now, I know there are some well adapted celebrities in Hollywood. Honestly, I think more celebrities have serious problems than not. Are these people emotionally unstable before the fame, or does fame bring out the worst in these celebrities? It’s scary, young Hollywood has gone crazy: DUI, DWI, Anorexia, Drug Rehab, Mental Breakdows, Sex Tapes, and the list truly goes on…But wait, it’s not just young Hollywood!

Britney Spears

Nicole Richie

Lindsay Lohan

Mary Kate Olsen

Older celebrities are breaking down with a litany of concerns including: depression, plastic surgery, and drugs.

Sharon Stone

Whitney Houston

Lil Kim

It’s not just women, men are throwing racial slurs out like confetti. Are celebrities just normal people in the spot light or under the microscope? I know very few people like this.

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