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Eddie Murphy & Tracy Edmonds Are “Very Happy”

Don’t believe the rumors, Tracy Edmonds is still with the non-truth-telling, baby-mama-denying,  Eddie Murphy. Rumors have been circulating that the couple have split, but Tracy Edmonds is here to tell us otherwise, according to a statement released to People.com

Eddie & Tracy Edmonds (Babyface Ex-Wife)

“I did hear about the false rumor. That is absolutely not true,” Edmonds, a film producer who started dating Murphy last fall, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

In fact, Edmonds said she and Murphy are going on an Italian vacation for the Fourth of July holiday.

I would think, they would be going to visit the baby instead of vacationing. I don’t know why she would stand by someone who publicly humilated the woman carrying his child. I imagine that’s how the rumors got started, lord knows I would have left him.

Honestly, if he had doubts about the paternity, the media should have been the last to know. Especially, since his publicist doesn’t comment on his personal life. Instead he tried to humilate her on international TV and it all back-fired.

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