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Eclectic News: Nelly & Ashanti, Karrine Steffans, Flava Flav

Nelly and Ashanti are follwing in the footsteps of Jay-Z and Beyonce by collaborating on a new song. The new single is entitled “Switch”. Let’s hope it revives her career, oh wait his too. [Source]




Oh Yeah! She’s back with another tell-all-adventure of whoredom in the hip-hop world. I thought she was finished with this lifestyle. Didn’t you believe Karrine Steffans would grow into a better person with a new outlook on prostituting herself to the entertainment world? For crying out loud, she was on Oprah! However, I will be reading her new book, The Vixen Diaries, and posting some juicy excerpts. But really, who would sleep with her now, knowing that she will kiss and tell. I guess that’s the new marketing scheme. Read what she says about Lil Wayne below, my mouth just fail to the floor.


Karrine on Lil’ Wayne
“I thought he was too young, and I just always thought he was ugly. That’s real talk. I thought he looked like a tree monkey…”

[Source] To find out more and to hear the interview with King Magazine, click the picture above. This book is going to be too funny.



Guess who’s coming to diner? No really, Guess! According to an article on Everybody Hates Marcus, Flavor Flav will be honored in a Comedy Central Roast. The emcee for the event will be none other that Katt Williams (the funniest black comedian out). The guest list includes: Ice T, Bridgette Nielsen, Snoop Dogg, and Jimmy Kimmel.




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