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Eccletic News: Ike Turner, 50 Cents, Shemar Moore

Ike Turner Gets No Love; “No Ike-TurnerDay”Ike Turner


Ike Turner will have the stage, but not the day, when he performs in St. Louis in September. Mayor Francis Slay has turned down a request to make Sept. 2 “Ike Turner Day.” The 75-year-old singer is scheduled to perform that day at the Big Muddy Blues Festival.

According to and aide, the request “was brought to the mayor’s attention, he did not feel comfortable issuing it. We believe there is a zero tolerance for any kind of violence, we would not want to honor someone who has publicly stated they have hit their wife.” [Source]

50 Cent Sues Internet Game, Shoot The Rapper 50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent sued an Internet advertising company for $1 million Friday, claiming it illegally used his image in a game where the player pretends to shoot him.

The game, called “Shoot the Rapper,” shows 50 Cent walking back and forth in an ad across the top of a Web page while the viewer is encouraged to shoot him by aiming and clicking with the mouse, court papers say. [Source]

Shemar Moore, “I’m Not Gay”

Shemar MooreShemar decided to set the record straight. He tells In Touch, “People find it interesting to try to make me gay; I’m not gay. I went on vacation with two girlfriends of mine who, interestingly enough, got cut out of the pictures. We found a nude beach, as far as I know, that was a unisex beach… We took off our clothes and jumped in the water. I’ve been trying to skinny dip since I was a teenager. I’m just grateful that the water was warm.” [Source]




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