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Charm School: Top 5 Behind The Scenes Moments

Check out Celebrity Blog at VH1 for some juicy behind the scenes moments of Charm School: The Reunion.

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Rich and Becky

  1. “I really think she hates me. She never said one good thing about me ever,” Brooke [Pumkin] continued. “It’s not like I took [my prom ‘date’] home and sucked him off and [censored] him. I’m a party girl.” I’ll say! Brooke added that the bright side to being dubbed the “whore of Charm School,” is that her club-hosting gigs are numerous.
  2. Upon approaching the dressing-room door, I prayed: “Please let her [Shatar aka Hottie] have brought Cash. Please let her have brought Cash.” Cash is Schatar’s dog, a papered Pekinese, whom, as she told me in my interview with her, is part Persian cat. I always wanted to meet a cat dog.
  3. Shay [Buckeey] also mentioned the story that ran on MediaTakeOut.com last month, claiming that Larissa and Shay got into a knock-down, drag-out brawl at a club. “They’re such liars! That story was totally false. I mean, I’m glad they said I won, but…” She was equally mystified by the rumor that circulated suggesting she was dating Andre 3000. “I mean, I would…”
  4. “So, what’s up with your porno career?” Saaphyri asked Jen [Toastee] who’d just joined the group, as casually as if she were talking about Jen’s outfit. Jen explained to Saaphyri that she doesn’t have a “career” per se and that the video that made the most recent controversy, Toastee Exposed, was a sex tape belonging to her former boyfriend that was being released without her permission.
  5. Larissa’s [Bootz] mother sprung up out of her seat, ranting that Mo could have “changed how this was depicted.” I think she meant the series as a whole and I’m certain that she meant Larissa’s behavior, but again I say: COME ON. It was amazing that she somehow believed that Larissa needed any help coming from editing when it came to looking bad. Did she not just watch her daughter, minutes earlier, rant, rave and call Shay a monkey, live and in person?


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