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Update: Acording to NY Daily News,

Beyoncé‘s label launched a counterstrike on YouTube yesterday after several users posted a clip of the singer tumbling down stairs during a performance.

Beyoncé took the pratfall while singing “Ring the Alarm” in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday night. After some gyrating dance moves, she struts down the stairs and falls face first onto the stage, although the trouper gets right back up again, unfazed.

While the YouTube message cited “a copyright claim by Sony BMG,” inquiries yesterday were referred to Columbia, which did not respond.


I had respect for Bey, but after this legal move I withdraw my respect. When Kelly collasped, no one ordered the video stopped. Beyonce is human and humans fall, we want to see the human side of her instead this mass-marketed clone. Suck it up and laugh at yourself and keep moving.

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Checkout video of Beyonce,during a recent concert the young singer stumbled duirng her performance. Uh-oh, Uh-oh, no-no-no

The footage is a little blurry, but Beyonce falls down a flight of stairs. She gets right back-up and keeps performing like a soldier. I’m not mad, that’s professionalism at its best.

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