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BET: Hot Ghetto Mess Gets No Love From Home Depot

SamboAt least two companies have pulled ads from the debut of BET’s Hot Ghetto Mess,” a series that critics say puts black stereotypes on display but the channel calls “a blend of tough love and State Farm Insurance Cos. and Home Depot asked BET to drop their ads from the series debuting July 25, trade paper The Hollywood Reporter said Tuesday.

The six-episode series is hosted by comedian Charlie Murphy. It’s based on a Web site that features photos of men and women, mostly black, with extreme hairstyles and clothing typically linked to hip-hop fashion.

But the show and the web site have drawn accusations of being demeaning to blacks from critics including What About Our Daughters, a blog and audio podcast that focuses on how black women are depicted in popular culture.

The blog called for advertisers featured on a BET Web page promoting “Hot Ghetto Mess” to withdraw support of BET and its properties, and said it would complain to companies that sponsor the series.

“This is just a latest in a prolonged and consistent pattern of BET profiting off of promoting images that malign and degrade African Americans,” a posting on What About Our Daughters said of “Hot Ghetto Mess.” [Source]

My Opinion: They should just take the ghetto out of it because that’s a bit to classist for me. What is up with using “Sambo’ in the logo; Two steps foward and one step back.

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