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Celebrity Sightings

Star Sightings: Latifah, Scary Spice, Foxy Brown, Garcelle

Check out Queen Latifah enjoying her new bike. Yet, another questionable hobby. I certainly don’t want to put labels on anyone, but Queen acts more like King, sometimes. However, I guess it’s always better to drive the bike than to be on the back of one with everything hanging out.

Biker Babe?

Scary Spice and family sans Eddie Murphy. I’m wondering where they are traveling because the baby is certainly dressed for the winter. It must have been real cold on that plane.

Murphy Baby

Surprise, Surprise! The woman who assaulted Foxy Brown was freed from jail today. Apparently, Foxy Brown failed to show up in court to identify the woman. So it’s not just her criminal trials she avoids.

Better Never Than Late

It all makes sense, now. Garcelle poses for Playboy to preserve images of her body before the new baby. She has a teenage son, so this is starting all over at the very young age of 40.

From Playboy to Motherhood

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