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Hip-Hop Wives: Reality vs Illusions

Music videos are full of beautiful women with body parts popping out all over the place. But, what do hip-hop artist really value in a woman? I was watching a story on Hip-Hop Wives, when I realized, none of these women look like the women in the music videos. Why are hip-hop artist selling us an image of women that they do not buy into themselves?

Relaity Sets In


Snoop’s wife is certainly attractive in her own right, but we will all agree Summer Walker is definitely in a different class of beauty. This prompted a new series, Hip-Hop Wives vs Hip-Hop Models. Stay tuned there is definitely more to come.


Summer Walker has appeared in several music videos, including Snoop Dogg’s Up and Downs, David Banner’s Play, and Ying Yang Twins’ Badd.

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