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Michael Jackson’s ‘Alleged’ Son — DNA Results Revealed To Be BOGUS!!

Posted by on Mar 7, 2014 in Celebrity Drama, Celebrity Lies, Celebrity News | 8 comments

So, in case you missed it yesterday, there was a big ole hoopla about a person by the name of Brandon Howard possibly being the son of Michael Jackson and singer Miki Howard.  It was a weird event:  TMZ hosted the DNA result revealing live, as someone by the name of Alki David of FilmOn.com said he had DNA proof proving Michael was Brandon‘s father.  Actor Corey Feldman was there…for who knows WHAT reason.  But, at the end of the reveal, it was determined that Brandon was Michael‘s son.  However, TMZ being as resourceful as they are, went looking further into these claims and guess what?  Turns out it’s BOGUS!! Just like I thought!! Look at what they found:

TMZ MJ DNA bogus Michael Jacksons Alleged Son    DNA Results Revealed To Be BOGUS!!

Photo courtesy of TMZ

TMZ obtained a photo of the DNA doc — allegedly from a testing facility in Ireland called “DNA Lab.” We searched high and low but could find no such generic DNA lab in Ireland.

Skeptical, we investigated — a simple Google image search of “DNA results” turns up a bunch of sample docs with the same exact easily-stealable format as the one we got.

But the coup de grace — we then Google image searched “DNA logo” and the first result … literally … was the same DNA pic used in the “DNA Lab” logo.

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Michael Jackson’s Hat Only Sells For A Few Thousand At Auction

Posted by on Nov 20, 2013 in Celebrity Charity, Celebrity News | Comments Off

You know what? I’m mad.  As a huge Michael Jackson stan, I’m upset that I could have owned something with his signature for so little.  SWNS is reporting that one of Michael Jackson‘s fedoras was sold at auction for about $6500.  This was the fedora that MJ wore during the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary special.  He wore it while he performed Billie Jean. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME?!? *wall slides*

Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Billie Jean performance Michael Jacksons Hat Only Sells For A Few Thousand At Auction

The trademark black fedora hat was among 17 items of the King of Pop’s memorabilia  donated by his oldest pal David Gest to a British auctioneers.

The 60-year-old American TV producer gave the gifts to Fieldings auction house in Stourbridge, West Mids., who sold them for a total of £30,000 on Saturday.

The incredible collection included the iconic hat worn for the 30th Anniversary concerts in New York in 2001 – the last major performance before Jacko’s death, which was viewed by  450 million viewers worldwide.

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Paris Jackson Rushed To Hospital After Suicide Attempt!!!

Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News | 5 comments

UPDATE: According to TMZ, Paris Jackson left a suicide note before cutting her forearm with a meat cleaver, which required several stitches. She also swallowed a large quantity of Motrin pills. The hospital placed her on a 5150 hold, psychiatric watch, for 72 hours. If she hadn’t called a suicide hotline, no telling how bad things might have gotten. I hope this really didn’t start over a Marilyn Manson concert, and that depression or something else was behind this attempt.

If there’s any famous family that’s been through a lot of drama this past decade, it’s definitely the Jackson family.  And it seems that the hard times are still ahead.  TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson‘s daughter Paris was rushed to the hospital early this morning after a possible suicide attempt.

Paris Jackson Rock Star Haircut Paris Jackson Rushed To Hospital After Suicide Attempt!!!

Paris was taken out of her Calabasas family house on a stretcher at around 2 AM and taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

The 911 call came in at 1:27 AM.  We’re told the caller said Paris had cut her wrists.

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Backtracking Much? Wade Robson Accusing Michael Jackson Of Molestation

Posted by on May 8, 2013 in Celebrity Crimes, Celebrity Death, Celebrity News | 1 comment

Show of hands if you know how I feel about this right about now?  Yeah, y’all get me.  Michael Jackson is my all-time favorite.  And none of us really know the story behind all of these molestation claims but I will say everything that he’s shared of himself through music and charity and just life makes me believe that they’re unfounded.  But you would think that after death his legacy would no longer be tainted with these stories but here we are.  ET Online is reporting that Wade Robson filed a posthumous claim against Michael Jackson‘s estate, claiming to have been molested by him.

Wade Robson Backtracking Much? Wade Robson Accusing Michael Jackson Of Molestation

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

They have their hands on some documents showing that Wade Robson is seeking an undisclosed amount of money for the alleged childhood molestation.  I’ve met Wade before through a dance conference.  He’s an awesome dancer and has choreographed for So You Think You Can Dance.  But he’s getting the full on side-eye from me for this.  Mainly because

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LaToya Jackson Confirms Prince Michael Is Dating & Paris Is Reuniting With Birth Mother

Posted by on Apr 17, 2013 in Celebrity Family, Celebrity Interviews, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News, TV Shows | Comments Off

LaToya Jackson has been one Jackson family member that’s always been on the fence.  First she was a part of the tightly knit group, then she distanced herself and now…she’s kinda just there.  But apparently the blood ties are strengthening again because LaToya went on Extra TV to speak to Mario Lopez about what’s going with with Michael Jackson‘s children, Prince Michael and Paris.

LaToya Jackson LaToya Jackson Confirms Prince Michael Is Dating & Paris Is Reuniting With Birth Mother

Having little contact with her birth mother Debbie Rowe, Paris Jackson has apparently decided to reconnect with her.  No word on how close they’ve been getting but it seems that they are spending time together.  That’s always good to here.  And while the rumors of Prince Michael dating a princess from Kuwait were not confirmed, LaToya DID share that he IS dating someone…just not sharing who.  Check out the interview below: 

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