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New Father Alert: Lance Gross Will Soon Be A Dad

Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 in Celebrity Dads, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News, Celebrity Pregnancy, Posted by Ronda B | Comments Off

The former House of Payne star, Lance Gross will soon be a father.  Lance made the announcement to his fans via Instagram by posting a risque picture of his girlfriend with the caption “God has gifted me.”  This will be the first child for Lance and his stylist girlfriend, Rebecca Jefferson.

Essence Music Festival Lance Gross 2 New Father Alert: Lance Gross Will Soon Be A Dad

The couple has been dating for 3 years, and there are unconfirmed rumors that they recently got engaged. Despite Lance’s very noticeable good looks, he insists that he is far from the “player” type. Gross told Essence, “I’m just Lance Gross. I’m a regular dude… I don’t like the numbers game. I’m not putting notches on my belt. I got one dope chick, and that’s all I need.”  With that response, Gross already sounds like he is going to be a great father.

Source: Essence.com

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Blake Griffin & Chris Brown Kidnap Drake In Hilarious ESPY Skit

Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 in Celebrity Before & After, Celebrity BFFs, Celebrity Comedy, Celebrity Events, Celebrity Humor, Celebrity News, Celebrity Sports | 1 comment

Drake, I must admit, did a GREAT job as host of the 2014 ESPY Awards, in fact I think this year’s show was one of the best ESPY Awards to date. His opening jokes were funny, he finally got a kiss from Skylar Diggins, plus his skits created a buzz across social media one of which featured Chris Brown, and Blake Griffin.

Yes! The battle of the lights is finally over, Drake and Chris Brown have gone from bottle tossing beefs in the club to BFFsAnd I Luv it.

Screen Shot 2014 07 17 at 2.52.18 PM Blake Griffin & Chris Brown Kidnap Drake In Hilarious ESPY Skit

Check out the skit below and watch as Blake Griffin and Chris Brown kidnap Drake to steal his hosting job at the ESPYs.

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Brawl…Fight Fight!!!

Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 in Celebrity Beef, Celebrity Fights, Celebrity Reality TV, Celebrity Tea, Posted by Ronda B | 4 comments

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion began filming this week in New York City.  The taping started off with all cast members being calm, civilized, and seated. Basically everyone was playing pretty for the cameras, but things quickly turned for the worst.  Things got heated when Benzino made allegations of Stevie J and Joseline being drug addicts. According to S2Smagazine.com, Stevie J got in Benzino’s face, but the two never resulted to violence.  On the other hand, the women of the show’s cast could not be contained. According to reports, Joseline entered the boxing ring first. Words were exchange with Joseline and Benzino’s new fiancée, Althea Heart. Apparently the conversation got heated, and Joseline struck Althea.

Love Hip Hop ATL Joseline Hernandez In NYC Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Brawl...Fight Fight!!!

Once that fight was broken up, Joseline then began to fight Tammy, Waka Flaka’s new bride. During that mini brawl, Bambi and Waka’s mother, Deb Atney supposedly jumped in it to help

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Evelyn Lozada Shares Picture Of Son On His First Flight

Posted by on Jul 16, 2014 in Celebrity Family, Celebrity Kids, Celebrity News | 1 comment

What can we say about Carl Leo Jr.? He is a jet setter just like his mom. Evelyn Lozada recently shared a picture of her son with Instagram fans, and the little one appeared to be completely relaxed on the family’s private jet. “My lil man’s first flight,” tweeted Evelyn. “Stuntin.”

Lozada Evelyn Lozada Shares Picture Of Son On His First Flight

The Reality TV star does not let milestones that baby Leo experiences go unnoticed. Evelyn told media about her son’s sleeping habits just six days after he was born.

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Kim Kardashian App Is Bringing In Major Dollars

Posted by on Jul 16, 2014 in Celebrity Business, Celebrity News, Celebrity: Kim Kardashian, Posted by Michael | 1 comment

That Kim Kardashian reign just won’t let up! The reality star might be notorious for being notorious and found fame on the heels of her sex tape with Ray-J still it seems Kim K is having the last laugh- and laughing all the way to the bank. Kanye’s wife who has made famous forays into the world of fashion, television, and beauty through her name into the phone app ring this year and his coincidentally enjoying massive success.

Kim Kardashian video game Kim Kardashian App Is Bringing In Major Dollars

As of the start of this week, with the volume of in-app purchases, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” is the fifth highest grossing app in the App Store. Forecasted to be one of if not the top selling game app of the year it’s annual revenue from may reach $200 million!

The app’s description states: “players experience the drama and excitement of earning Hollywood notoriety by completing projects and tasks that lead to new career opportunities. Join Kim Kardashian West on a red carpet adventure to create your own fame and fortune!”

Kim continues to get in where the getting is good. Goodness know what could be next for the reality genius.

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New Brandy! The Singer Covers Coldplay!

Posted by on Jul 16, 2014 in Celebrity Music, Music Releases, New Music, Posted by Michael | Comments Off

The music God’s have answered prayers today and delivered to the world brand new Brandy. The formidable talent has been as of late filling her plate with acting gigs and touring across the globe. The singer has been promising new music and the songstress has most certainly delivered. Brandy has taken on the massive Coldplay hit ‘Magic’. Prepare to be mesmerized be her take on the jam below:

Soulful! Smooth!

Reports state a new Brandy album is in the works. Let’s hope we are delivered more new music from the star asap!

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Jill Scott To Star In ‘Lifetime’ Movie

Posted by on Jul 15, 2014 in Celebrity Movie, Celebrity News | 1 comment

Jill Scott is teaming up with Regina Hall and Eve to bring a bit of laughter to Lifetime. The R&B singer and her fellow Hollywood friends will star in a comedy called With This Ring, which will make its debut in August.

Scott Jill Scott To Star In Lifetime Movie

The film is about a group of friends who are single and vow to marry within the year after attending the wedding of a good friend. Jill, Eve, and Regina navigate through life trying to find Mr. Right and discover a few things about themselves along the way.

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