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Guess Who?

Hint: Rehab, Freckles, 21   Lindsay Lohan  Well I hope rehab worked, but somehow; I have my doubts.

On The Verge Of Breakdown: Vivica Fox, Jessica Simpson

Vivica Fox calls cop a racist during DUI arrest. Read an excerpt below: The 42-year-old actress, who is black, was pulled over in March after passing a California Highway Patrol officer who said her Cadillac was doing 80 mph and ...

Emotional Breakdowns: Is Fame Worth It?

Now, I know there are some well adapted celebrities in Hollywood. Honestly, I think more celebrities have serious problems than not. Are these people emotionally unstable before the fame, or does fame bring out the worst in these celebrities? It’s ...

Rosie O’Donnell Needs To Be Shot

Check out this picture of Rosie’s daughter. How you can use your child to push your political agendas in such a way, is just way beyond my comprehension. I think I get what she is trying to do, but this ...